A bit about me

Hello. My name is Katherine and I try to take nice pictures.
I’m from Dundalk (go on the town) and I live in Dublin.

You can find me elsewhere on the WWW at:


This blog is powered by WordPress and I used YAPB in the past, so many thanks to the developers of both.

P.S.  A lot of the posts before January 2008 are missing pictures, due to changes in Flickr settings, etc.  It’s a big job to fix them all and I might get around to it someday.  I’ve left them there though, so you can still get the gist!

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  1. Hi there Katherine-
    I found you on Mulley’s site today..i like your simple, clean design style and am wondering if you would be interested in helping me with my site design. Basically, I would like to be able to maintain the look and feel of my blog, but incorporate small ads and buttons on the sidebars. At the moment, with the Dear Diary template I cannot really add in sidebar widgets without losing all of my other items on the sidebar (i.e. about me, tasty eire etc etc). I have no idea how to use CSS but I believe that it is possible to make these changes whilst still using my template. Please let me know if you can assist and what your fee structure is.
    Many Thanks,
    Imen M.


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