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  1. well done kk. you and mark can have a paella-off.

    its very hard to take nice pics of food. my camera has a ‘food’ setting, but i haven’t tried it yet. i’m eating monstermunch at the mo i should really give it a go!


  2. Looks like a nice dish of Paella you made there. This is on one of our faves too, I do love my seafood. Made a great Paella myself a while back, used fresh fish from St. Georges Market in Belfast, fresh ingredients made for a dynamite seafood taste.
    Fun to cook these too.



  3. Where has Eddie gone? Just because he gets arrested he gets left out. Vive le Town


  4. Mal, I’ll make it next week sometime. Or maybe you will?

    Jill, Mark might win the paella-off as there’s no seafood in mine, we’re a bit squeamish!

    David, I was reading your blog there, I must attend one of these photomeets, I keep missing them!

    Eddie, if you would send me some pictures from Oz, maybe you’d get more attention!


  5. no they were talking about what makes an authentic paella there on saturday kitchen this morning, and saying that in spain in some areas its all fish, and then others its seafood, and as you move inland they add rabbit and chicken. So its all fair game as long as you have proper paella rice and saffron apparantly. Mark made veggie paella for me last week. it was very very very tasty. and i dont think he used the right rice that time actually. take that spain!


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