I’m too misty

Well, this is from a few weeks ago, when it was really misty. And freezing. Sure I had a great time with the camera.

I didn’t get shortlisted for the blog awards, but I reckon Caitriona.net is a shoo-in for Best Photo Blog!

Misty Liffey

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  1. tis nice of you to say 😉 tho my money’s on rymus! commiserations on not making the shortlist – there’s always next year!

    am loving the misty river btw.


  2. Ah no! You were robbed! Next time it will be yours, oh yes, it will be yours

    Hey how come your comments thingy is in Spanish? At least I think its Spanish


  3. Hey sorry your weren’t shortlisted, I know that feeling. I love foggy picture, Dublin never looked so calm.


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