It might be cold, but..

..I feckin’ love walking home in the evenings, the quays are lovely all lit up and they’re not even decorated for Christmas!
If it stays cold and dry, I will be happy enough.

I didn’t have the bleedin’ tripod though so the lights got shaken up a bit.

This bridge does have a name but I don’t know it.

Fair play whoever is in charge of the lights, I really like this one.

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  1. Hey there, I feel so silly that I missed your comment. I forget about my blogger sometimes and mainly update my LiveJournal sicne I find it easier to use. Thanks for the kind words, and yes, my artwork is for sale. You can check out if you’re still interested. I post my fiance’s work there also.
    I noticed you live in Ireland. I’ve only been there once but gosh was it beautiful!


  2. kk you’re right that bit of the quays does look lovely (especially since the junkies moved further up into town!), and you do it more justice than I can. A few weeks ago the trees looked different every single day. Next year I commission you to take a daily tree photo in the autumn to illustrate this.

    it’s sean o’casey bridge i think


  3. Oh good one Jill. I reckon we should do photo assignments to get us off our arses. Well me anyway.

    Catherine, I’m sure you get nice cold in the ‘Dam.


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