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There's a load of sunsets in this

Before the Edinburgh photos, guess who?

When we got to Edinburgh, there was a giant wheel.

So we had a go on it. (Twice)
Mal took in the view.

But I was just glad to be on holiers.

Didn’t go on the spinning yoke though.

Don’t think yer man likes his new neighbours.

Loads of this class of statues all over the place.

Dunno where this is or when we saw it.

“Cheers!” said we when we saw this roof.

You’d want to watch out if you visit Edinburgh; some of the ghosts make the kind of shuffling sound you’d make if you had two broken legs.

Well it was cold but the prettiness made up for it.

And sure begorrah the finger was going click click click the whole time. Greyfriars Bobby is buried in this graveyard.

On Monday on the mitch, we went to the castle, which we highly recommend.

I wasn’t so good at the aiming.

Mal was intent on memorising every happening in Scottish history.

I just wanted to shoot stuff. Who likes me new coat?

Well a sunnier day there never was, that fair morn in Scotland.

The audio guide yokes were bleedin’ deadly.

We bypassed the non-historic scaffold…

…and went to the chapel, the oldest building in historic Edinburgh, if anyone wants further details, I’m yer gal.
But there was a wedding on.

I’d say the Mrs. (let’s call her Mairi) was freezing.

Squinty squint squint.

Loads of up in Edinburgh too. Sure aren’t we all the better for it?

Ah the splendid illuminous yellow and drab navy of the world’s greatest airline. And home we went.

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